Governing Documents

  • Declaration of Restrictions (a.k.a. “Deed Restrictions”)
    • Defines the founding principles and restrictions of the community. [1]
    • Requires a 75% vote of all homeowners to modify.
  • Architectural Guidelines
    • Serves as an additional layer of regulation on top of the Declaration of Restrictions.
    • Requires a majority vote of the HOA Board to modify.
  • Bylaws (a.k.a. “Code of Regulations”)
    • Lays out the operating procedures for the Association and its leadership.
    • Requires a 67% vote of all members present at an annual or special meeting to modify.


[1] Note regarding the Declaration of Restrictions: In 1987, the Architectural Control Committee transferred its authority to the Saddlebrook HOA, which is recorded in this document: Assignment (1987)