Saddlebrook HOA Board

If you own a home in Saddlebrook, you are part of the homeowners association. The association is represented by four volunteer board members that are elected every year at our November annual meeting.

Contact the HOA board at for questions or concerns about these items:

  • Architectural approvals
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Fences
  • Additions
  • Saddlebrook / Dexter Falls entrances
  • Stone signs
  • Landscaping
  • Questions about annual assessment (dues)
  • Volunteer opportunities

City of Columbus

Visit for contact information related to the following:

  • Noise complaints
  • Animal complaints
  • Bulk pick-ups
  • Issues concerning Dexter Falls Park
  • Trees (lining streets)
  • Water/ Sewage / Drains
  • Streets
  • Signs
  • Electricity

Columbus Police

Call 614-645-4545 for the following issues:

  • Vehicle accidents (no injuries)
  • Suspicious persons
  • Prior criminal incidents (thefts, mischief, assault)
  • Personal safety issues
  • Traffic violations and unsafe driving