Entrance Improvement Project

The entrance to a neighborhood is the first and most visible indicator of the type of community that lies beyond. A welcoming, attractive, and well-maintained entrance signals to residents and visitors that they are stepping into a neighborhood with these same qualities. Conversely, a tired, overgrown, and mundane entrance gives a similarly undesirable impression of the area as a whole.

Therefore, we have undertaken a multi-year project to improve our entrances and bring them to a state that will enhance the value of the community and the value of the homes within.

Project Scope

The entrance project is being managed by the Saddlebrook Homeowners Association Board. After reviewing several bids, we have contracted with Five-Star Landscape Group to complete the project.

Dexter Falls Road Entrance

The Dexter Falls Road entrance has the more sparse and basic design of the two, so we plan to upgrade it first. Using the Saddlebrook Drive entrance design as a starting point, we will update the look to give a grander appearance. Updates will include an engraved stone slab with pillars, limestone boulders for a tiered effect, and updated plants and landscaping. The east side of this entrance will need some additional stones as a retaining wall to accommodate the slope.

Saddlebrook Drive Entrance

The Saddlebrook Drive entrance will be cleaned up, with overgrown shrubbery removed or pared back to reveal the existing stonework. The landscaping will be brought in line with the Dexter Falls Road entrance, including the addition of some tiered boulders.


  • Late 2017 to mid 2018: Begin construction on east and west sides of Dexter Falls Road entrance.
  • Early to mid 2019: Begin construction on east and west sides of Saddlebrook Drive entrance.


The total budget for the project is expected to be around $80,000. This amount will fund all of the work described above for both entrances. A substantial portion of the funding for this project comes from our reserve fund, the purpose of which is to fund capital improvements and repairs such as this one. The rest of the balance comes from our annual operating budget and will be divided over several fiscal years.

The following documents offer additional information about the anticipated expenses for this project.

More Info

For questions about the Entrance Improvement Project, please contact Jay Lindner, President, at president@saddlebrookhomeowners.com.